In October we found out about the future closing of ACME in Manasquan and now just a few days ago the closing became official. Today, the question everyone is asking is, "What's going to replace the ACME?" I wish I had the answer but the rumors have me laughing. Remember, everything you see on social media is not true but it's always interesting to stir the pot. For example, someone "heard" the ACME is going to become an indoor skatepark. An indoor skatepark would be pretty awesome for all kids around the Jersey Shore but the likeliness of that happening is slim to none. Maybe not in Manasquan, but an indoor skatepark in Monmouth County could be a successful business idea. In addition, a Trader Joe's is rumored to take over the ACME. Trader Joe's offers their own high-quality brand foods and many people on social media hope this rumor is true. Trader Joe's offers a large gourmet, organic, and vegetarian option but the main concern would be the unnecessary amount of traffic. The second you put in a Trader Joe's people would travel a long distance just to shop. Manasquan residents on social media enjoy taking pride in their quiet and pretty downtown. Extra traffic, especially in the summertime, is the last thing they want. Lastly, the rumor that seems to be the most reasonable is a new CVS. Many people say a CVS has already been approved but the hold-up is the type of drive-thru they want. At the end of the day, who really knows!?! What do you think?!?

Other rumors are listed below:

  • Indoor wave pool
  • Shooting range
  • Arcade & Indoor Amusement Park
  • Blockbuster Video (LOL)
  • Mega laser tag

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