A list of the 100 trips in the U.S.A. that everyone should take in their lifetime was compiled by Insider, and a Jersey Shore attraction made the list.

So, can you guess which Jersey Shore attraction is the one Insider said is among 100 trips everyone should take. Here's a clue, it's very, very tall and it's located in Jackson. Did you get it yet?

While the rest of the world would have to book a trip, we just have to take a quick ride on 195 to Six Flags Great Adventure and get on line to experience the ride that we know as Kingda Ka.

That's right, Kingda Ka is on the list right there along with the Florida Everglades, Niagara Falls, the Liberty Bell, Mardi Gras in New Orleans and Four Corners Monument. That's some pretty awesome company to be in.

We can't speak to the convenience of getting to any of the other 99 can't miss places, but we can tell you that it's nice to know that you can check off at least one of the destinations with one trip to Jackson.

I have to admit, of all the famous Jersey Shore spots that could have made the list, this one comes as a surprise to me, even though it's the tallest roller coaster in the world.. But I'm not a roller coaster guy, so maybe that's why. So, congratulations to Six Flags Great Adventure and Kingda Ka!

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