Do you have a teenager at your house that is always asking for money? Have you told them to find a job because they ask for too much money? My parents would tell me and my siblings that all of the time.

Speaking of jobs, if your teenager is looking for a job you should know that the Jersey Shore is having an ‘employment crisis.’ According to CBS Philly, businesses at the Jersey Shore are really struggling with being short on staff members. We learned that not many people have applied to work at the stores in Atlantic City as they near a pretty busy summer.

Denise Beckson from Morey's Pier in Wildwood told CBS Philly that they have a ton of positions available and are looking to hire. “We have 1,500 jobs in positions like ride operator, lifeguard, food and beverage, games, parking.” What are these kids waiting for? Go get that money. I remember my first job at Universal Studios Hollywood. I would rather be by the beach making money than being at home.

CBS Philly also made it known that the pay for seasonal positions at Morey's Pier is not bad pay either. It was mentioned that seasonal workers’ pay is $15 an hour. That beats my minimum wage pay when I got my first job which was only $9 an hour.

Morey's Pier is looking to fill those available positions before May 8th, when the pier is set to open its doors.

Everyone had such a boring 2020 summer that no one wants anything to do with work and just want to have fun in the sun this summer.

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