I know you kids hate to hear these two words put together so brace yourselves before I say them: SUMMER JOB! 

It is no secret that the Jersey Shore absolutely thrives during the Summer so getting a job during the next few months is not only beneficial, but needed!

So, where should you go? Here are some of the top suggestions....

Six Flags

I know you hear this suggestion A LOT but there is a reason they have had massive job fairs. There are hundreds of different positions in various different fields that could even be geared towards to what you are studying. Need more info? Click here because they are always looking.


There is a huge number of booths, restaurants, and other positions needed to keep the boardwalk functioning and clean. Plus, you will have a glorious view of the beach.

Restaurant Business

I know there are horror stories circulating online but if you are looking to make a lot of money fast, this is the industry for you. People who come down the shore know that when they come, they will be spending money so you might as well take advantage of the busy season while it lasts for only a few months.


Lifeguards, security, and those that take admission fees are obviously only needed during the Summer months. And if you love the beach, this job probably isn't all that bad.

Lakewood BlueClaws

There is an entire stadium filled with food stands, BlueClaws swag that needs selling, and just a general need for cleaning and upkeep. Watch some baseball, sell a hotdog, and make some money! Click here for more information.

Did I miss anything? Or are you looking to hire? Let us know and we will add you to the list so we can spread the word!

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