The countdown to summer is always on here at the Jersey Shore and unofficial summer is only double digits away.

If you subscribe to the theory that summer starts at the Jersey Shore on the Friday before Memorial Day, like I do, then we have broken into double digits. Yesterday, we hit the 99 days til summer mark.

Now maybe you were so caught up with Valentine's plans that you missed it, but it's ok, now you know. We are less than 100 days from Summer 2020 and we know it's going to be awesome.

Just stop a minute on this sub 40 degree mid February day to imagine the waves crashing on the beach on a warm summer morning with the sound of seagulls in the background and the sun on your face.

Then imagine a thousand cars on the Parkway, half hour lines at your favorite restaurant and a guy from Yonkers asking you directions to the beach. (By the way, it's always east). Now that's a Jersey Shore summer!

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