If you love summer, and you feel like it's so far away, tomorrow marks a milestone that may make you feel a lot better.

As long as a Jersey Shore winter can be for summer lovers in Monmouth & Ocean Counties, there are signs that we are closer than we might think. Memorial Day is exactly three months from tomorrow.

For some, that is music to our ears, and when you add to that the fact that we are less than three weeks from St. Patrick's Day, 12 days from springing ahead with our clocks, and less than a month from the official start of spring, we may get downright giddy.

We haven't exactly had a snowy winter (yet) but between the vortex, the extreme winds and the temperature roller coaster, we've been through a lot. So a light at the end of this winter tunnel is a good thing.

So, if you are a summer lover like me, there are some good signs. And then of course there's the reality of a high of 30 degrees tomorrow, so before we break out the flip flops, let's take a minute to remember that we aren't there quite yet. Almost, but not quite.

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