We know they are coming. Each summer we know these pet peeves are going to happen, and yet each year they seem to surprise us.

As July winds down, we all know there is still plenty of summer left, but if that's true, then that means the pet peeves that are getting us hot under the collar are going to keep bugging us for a little while longer.

So what are the biggest summer pet peeves? We asked around, and these are so many that came we thought we'd put them into three categories..

The general crowding. Wherever you go, whatever you do, there will be a line or a crowd, or no parking spot.

The general disregard. Whether it's littering or not cleaning up after themselves, or the loudness at crazy hours, a small percentage of the tourists treat our area like they own it.

The general road insanity. 40 in the left lane, stopping in the middle of the circle, parking like they've never been in a car before, a small group of the tourists (possibly the same small group from above), have created endless havoc for another summer.

I guess we all need to take a deep breath and make the best of the next 35 days or son, and then we can enjoy our local summer, and the Jersey Shore will once again belong to us!

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