Three months from now will be Memorial Day weekend and we all know that's the time just about everything changes for Jersey Shore residents.

With summer season creeping up on us, we thought we would take a minute to enjoy some of the little things we take for granted over a long "off season" at the Jersey Shore. You know, those things we'll be cursing about in a few months.

So, here are some things to cherish before everything changes around here...

Being able to go for out for some milk or something and come back to find your parking spot still open. In the summer there would be two cars hovering with their signal lights on to make "your" spot disappear for the day.

Being able to go to your favorite restaurant and instantly sitting at "your" table. Soon, you will have a 90 minute wait because "your' table is pushed up against two others to accommodate that table of 14 for the family on their first night of vacation.

Being able to use the Parkway without an hour of research. Pretty soon, you'll pass on party or wedding invitations if it means you have to be on the Parkway in a certain direction at a certain time on certain days.

We know it's all part of living at the Shore, but each year I find myself thinking of these things sometime in mid summer, and I wish I cherished the off season a little more. This year I will. I hope you do too!

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