Jersey Shore weather has been described as a roller coaster. So why not use Great Adventure rides to describe it?

Sure, there's going to be some slight exaggeration here, but if you're from the Jersey Shore, you'll get it. Here we go. Let the ride begin.

If you've hopped aboard the Jersey Shore weather roller coaster, it starts with the gentleness of the Enchanted Teacups with temperatures that will make you think spring is just around the next corner, but on the other side of that bend is the Congo Rapids part of the ride with rain for tonight, tomorrow (could be heavy at times, like the Saw Mill Log Flume) and Saturday.

And then the Jersey Shore weather roller coaster is cruising along before it hits the section of the ride with a Kingda Ka like temperature dive on Friday afternoon, when out temperatures will quickly plummet from 52 to 40 degrees with a chance of brief afternoon snow.

The temperatures do a Nitro dive again Saturday with daytime highs that won't break the 30's, before a slight incline to 40 on Sunday. And before you get off this Runaway Mine Train of a ride, it may throw a quick hit of snow at you on Sunday.

Jersey Shore weather is always a Great Adventure. That's why you should always stay up to date with Chief Meteorologist Dan Zarrow's weather blog.

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