It's Valentine's Week as we test your knowledge with the Nearly Impossible Question weekdays at 5:20.

One more chance to qualify for a $1,000 Bentley Diamond gift card on Friday. All winners score a short stack of NJ Lottery Precious Metals scratch-offs.

Here's Thursday's question: Women are 4 times more successful at this than guys. What is it? 

Lots of excellent first guesses including negotiating their way out of a traffic ticket, planning a date, and following directions.

Time for a hint. It's a kind of dating.

Congrats to Cassie in Pt. Pleasant. She's the "Smartest Person at the Jersey Shore" with her winning guess:

Beautiful happy woman sending love text message on mobile phone
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Online dating!

I asked Cassie why she thought women were better at online dating she said: "we know how to play the game better."

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