It's Valentine's Week and if you answer my Nearly Impossible Question at 5:20 during your ride home, you'll be in the running to score $1,000 to go crazy with inside Bentley Diamond on Route 35 in Wall!

All winners of the Nearly Impossible Question this week will win a short stack of  "Precious Metals" scratch-off tickets from New Jersey Lottery, anything can happen in Jersey.

Plus, you'll qualify for the grand prize. A $1,000 Bentley Diamond gift card!

Looking for the perfect gift for Valentine's Day? Bentley's got you covered with a wide selection of fine jewelry at a range of price points that is sure to say "I Love You."

Also, take advantage of Bentley's special 0% financing.

Make this the most special Valentine's Day ever! Answer the Nearly Impossible Question all week at 5:20 on your ride home and win. From New Jersey Lottery, Bentley Diamond, and 94.3 The Point!

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