Well isn't this just typical...you've been hearing about Valentine's Day for weeks, kept putting off the planning, and now here you are...gift-less and panicking.

Valentine's Day chocolates
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Let's help dig you out of this hole, shall we?

  • Flickr user ilovebutter
    Flickr user ilovebutter

    Cook dinner for her

    This one will take the most work, but if you can pull it off, we can forgive the procrastination on account of how romantic it is. Cook her a nice meal. From scratch. I'm talking tablecloths, lit candles, wine, flowers, and a legitimate meal. No whipping up your famous mayonnaise sandwiches. If you are completely incapable of cooking, and are okay with lying, you can do the 'fake out with take out,' but for your own good, hide the evidence.

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    (Most) women love shiny things. It's tough to go wrong with jewelry, and really tough to go wrong with something simple...like a tennis bracelet or diamond stud earrings. Just make sure her ears are pierced, or that she doesn't have some moral aversion to diamonds.

  • o5com, flickr
    o5com, flickr

    Spa day

    Book a spa day for your lady. Schedule it a month or so from now, but try to do some research (hello, Facebook) and make sure it's not the day of her best friend's wedding, her aunt's anniversary party, or that work thing you promised her you'd go to 6 months ago and completely forgot about. Try not to scrimp...we're talking mani/pedi, body scrub, massage, and maybe even book a blowout for her hair.

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    Book of romance

    No. This does not mean a book of 'sexy coupons' to use later. Get her a book of romantic photos or poetry...if you're really suave, you'll go through and highlight your favorite ones, or write your own poem for her. (It's NOT lame, it's cute, but yes, she WILL tell all her friends about it.)

  • Flickr user MPD01605
    Flickr user MPD01605

    Get packin'

    Your procrastination will cost you, but if money is no object, I think this one's pretty good...you can even buy this on the WAY to pick her up for the date you were too lazy to plan. Get a travel app (like Orbitz) for your phone and book a romantic getaway for the two of you. When it's time to exchange gifts, text her a photo of a tropical beach, mountain, etc. that you're taking her to. (Be sure to explain the details of the trip.)

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