The 94.3 The Point 2020 MVP Awards are going strong and we are ready to announce the Jersey Shore's Favorite Police Officer, according to your votes.

Before we announce the winner, we want to take a minute to thank the Jersey Shore police officers throughout Monmouth & Ocean Counties for all that you do to keep our communities safe.

And we also wanted to thank you for all the sacrifices you make to perform your duties. There are crazy hours and endless dangers, and you do it every day. And we thank your families as well for all the sacrifices they make and the worrying they do.

So, here we go. The Jersey Shore Police Officer got the highest number of your votes is...John Bennett of the Ocean County Sheriff's Department! Congratulations and thanks for all you do! John has been with the Ocean County Sheriff's Department for 13 years, and says law enforcement is something he always wanted to do.

John Bennett

We can tell you this. There is certainly a lot of appreciation for police officers here at the Jersey Shore, and it was evident in the number of nominations we received and the number of votes for those nominees.

Nominees, you are all heroes to us and we thank you for all you do for us, especially during the crazy times we are going through right now.And we appreciate all our first responders and medical professionals.

There are plenty of categories with 94.3 The Point's 2020 MVP Awards, so make sure you check in frequently and cast your votes on our 94.3 The Point App.

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