Not to be outdone by the Loch Ness Monster, Monmouth County apparently once had it's own sea monster which came to be known as the Sandy Hook Sea Serpent.

There is no need to race to your window if you live near the Navesink River, since the story is from the late 1800's , but that's where the sightings occurred, according to an article at Weird NJ.

You should definitely read the whole story, but here are the highlights. One night in the late 19th century a group on a yacht were traveling from Highlands Beach to Red Bank at around 10:00pm and they encountered a 50 foot long serpentine shaped creature.

The article goes on to describe a sighting a few years earlier by some really credible witnesses including members of the Sandy Hook Life Saving Service.Scientists who were dispatched to speak with the witnesses theorized the beast was a giant squid.

And who said nothing exciting happens here at the Jersey Shore.Why travel the 3000+ miles to Loch Ness when the Sandy Hook Sea Serpent is so much closer. I know my fellow Jersey Shore boaters out there would like to keep this guy in the past. Me too.

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