Face it... the Pine Barrens can be a scary place - especially at night when your car breaks down.

That apparently is why Route 72 has landed on a list of "The Most Feared Road Trips in America."

The list is based on a survey is which people were asked, "Which routes do you fear breaking down on the most." Route 72 came in as the 21st most feared in the country in the study commissioned by Gunther Mitsubishi and done by QuestionPro.

Here's what was said about Route 72: "New Jersey's Route 72 was voted as the 21st most feared road trip in the country. The Pine Barrens is a vast forested area located in the southern part of the state, and Route 72 cuts through this remote and relatively isolated region. It is characterized by long stretches of road flanked by trees, with minimal development or towns along the way. If a driver were to experience a breakdown on this remote stretch of Route 72, they could potentially face challenges in terms of limited cell phone reception and a lack of nearby service stations or facilities. "

If you breakdown, you could have trouble reaching help, and it could take time for help to arrive.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Some people fear Route 72 for a different reason: traffic! Sitting on 72 on a weekend, trying to get on or off Long Beach Island cane be a daunting task in the summer.

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Google Maps

Of the 50 routes named in the study, Route 72 was the only New Jersey roadway on the list.

What roadway are you fearful of traveling?

SOURCE: QuestionPro and Gunther Mitsubishi.

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