It is summer and now is the perfect time for a family picnic. Get together with friends and family and find a beautiful spot here in New Jersey to have a good old-fashioned picnic. Pack up your favorite foods and enjoy the great outdoors here in the Garden State.


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According to National Day Calendar, the TOP 7 picnic foods are:


7. Brownies

6. Lemonade

5. Sandwiches

4. Watermelon

3. Deviled Eggs

2. Pasta Salad

1. Fried Chicken engin akyurt engin akyurt



For me, I think I love cold fried chicken as my pic for best picnic food. It is no surprise to me that it's the most popular picnic food. It's easy to transport and is just right cold. I'll take a couple of drumsticks, please. After the fried chicken I will go right for the salads. All types of salads! Potato salad, macaroni salad, antipasto, Chow Chow, cole slaw, etc. I love them all and they are perfect for a summer picnic. Jonathan Farber Jonathan Farber



According to Taste of Home, "New Jersey is home to some of the greatest Italian-American delis in the nation, and you'll find a version of this picnic pasta salad—full of cured meats, cheese, olives, tomatoes and more—at just about all of them."

Click Here to Go to Recipe to grab the secret to this delicious picnic salad, voted as best in New Jersey and among the best in America. Mariana Medvedeva Mariana Medvedeva


Give us your recommendations for the best "picnic salad" Post your comments below and let us know what you like.


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