In one of the funniest and most shocking viral videos of the summer, we watched as a pretty young girl goes from making a sexy twerking video to, well, disaster.

If you haven't seen the clip, check it out:

The video, uploaded by Caitlin Heller, shows her twerking against a door...then falling onto a table full of lit candles, which lights her pants on fire. The video was viewed more than 9 million times and was featured on dozens of websites and TV newscasts.

Well it turns out that Caitlin Heller doesn't exist, and the whole video was fake.

Turns out comedian Jimmy Kimmel was behind the whole thing, and 'Caitlin Heller' is actually a stuntwoman named Daphne Avalon.

See the 'extended director's cut' video:

Liar, liar pants on fire indeed! Well played, Jimmy. Well played!

Are you surprised that the original video was fake? Tell us in the comment section below!

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