REMEMBER THIS ONE? It's all about the boxers.

Kmart closed several years ago, but their Christmas TV Commercials is still one of the most-watched commercials on youtube. I have to agree, I rewatch this and rewatch this:

It's one of the best commercials, ever. It always made my Mom laugh and I remember sitting around the computer and playing it back several times. We couldn't wait until it came on TV.

It's Kmart's "Show Your Joe" Joe Boxer Commercial and their rendition of Jingle Bells. It's brilliant advertising in my eyes. Joe Boxer is all about the boxers, panties, briefs, bras, loungewear, and sleepwear. But, mainly the boxers.

Joe Boxers is known for their comfortable boxers and loungewear that always had cool designs, any holiday, all colors, and a favorite to most men that choose to wear boxers.

Joe Boxers were known for being sold in most Kmart and Sears stores. You can purchase them online. Joe Boxer, known for its novelty underwear with lots of different designs.

I remember all these stores that closed and they had the best Christmas TV commercials from the '80s and '90s. Kmart commercials were always fun and not just the Jingle Bell one. This personally is my favorite, wonder why? (LOL)

One thing about Kmart, it always had a weird smell. Did anyone ever experience the weird smell in Kmart? I know weird for me to write this, but I'm thinking about Kmart. It didn't matter which Kmart and where the Kmart was, it always had the same smell.

Enjoy the Jingle Bells.

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