So the search is over and just in time!

The jolliest Santa in New Jersey has been found and he is right here at the Jersey Shore!

His name is Santa Chester and he can be found in Manalapan in a house decked out in Christmas lights.

The big guy has been growing out his beard since the beginning of November and that is what we call being committed to his craft!

So thanks to, may we introduce the #1 Santa Claus:

“My name is Chester Davis aka Santa Claus...If you do even a small kindness for somebody every day and that person does something every day, you're going to help it grow exponentially,” he said. “And what a better world it would be if everybody just does a little bit of something for everybody.”


“Really, what all children want (is for you) to talk to them and not over them,” he said. “Isn’t that what we want?”

To him, showing kindness and respect are essential year-round.

“I’m everywhere the spirit is needed,” he said. “I come to your home, your work, the beach, the moon, the top of a mountain. I don’t care. Wherever you need me, that’s where I go.”

However, the statement below is my favorite thing he said by far.

“I’m in charge of making smiles and memories,” he added. “That's my job.”


Head to to take a look at the original article and to see a video to learn about the Number One Santa!

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