Are you traveling on a budget?

Airbnb has become an affordable and more flexible option for people to use depending on where they are looking to stay, length of their stay, and how big of a group that plan on bringing along with them.

So naturally, there are multiple Jersey Shore towns that have a skyrocketing number of Airbnbs available for people to come check out the beaches, boardwalks, and bars.

So where should you look into? And what does $100 bucks get you for one night?

25. Belmar

Number of Airbnbs: 95

For just $95 bucks a night, you can rent a two bedroom, one bathroom apartment just six blocks from the beach.

23. Lavallette

Number of Airbnbs: 102

For $97, you can squeeze 10 guests into a town house!

22. Beach Haven

Number of Airbnbs: 122

For just #120 a night, you can rent a one-bedroom private guesthouse.

21. Asbury Park

Number of Airbnbs: 123

For $100 bucks, you can rent an apartment that sleeps two in a multi-unit home just four blocks from the beach.

20. Point Pleasant Beach

Number of Airbnbs: 125

How affordable -- for just $80 per night, you can stay in a two bedroom one bathroom apartment which is advertised as a "great location to enjoy the Shore."

19. Toms River 

Number of Airbnbs: 134

This insanely cheap spot lets visitors rent a private room in a home that can sleep up to four guests for just $49 per night.

13. Seaside Heights 

Number of Airbnbs: 202

All you have to spend is $100 per night and you get a two bedroom, one-and-a-half bathroom cottage just two blocks from the ocean.

For the full list for the top number of Airbnbs in New Jersey or for pictures of the rentals listed above, head to

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