It may seem like it's about 100 years away, but it is now only 4 months until Memorial Day Weekend will be upon us and so will the unofficial start of Summer 2014.

Four months from now there will be no talk of polar vortex or wind chill or snow amounts. There will be no concern over slipping on the ice in your driveway or your car not starting because the cold got the best of your battery. And there will be no gloves, mittens, scarves or ice scrapers. Or at least we hope not.

Four months from now it will be different. In four months, there will be no parking spaces within two miles of the beach, no room to walk on the boardwalk., and no chance of seeing three cars in a row with New Jersey license plates. And there will be no room on the Parkway. Or at least we hope not.

If all those things about summer I mentioned above are happening, that means we're having a good summer season at the Shore, and even if those things are an inconvenience to those of us who live here, it's a small price to pay for a strong comeback summer. And we need that...and it's just around the corner.


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