As you have probably heard by now, our very own Morning Man Lou Russo is doing a local Dancing with the Stars competition....against THIS rather famous Point Pleasant man!

I almost fell over when I saw this photo of Lou looking about two feet tall when you stand him next to Joe Leone of Joe Leone's Italian Specialties!!!

Joe is rather tall...but stand him next to Lou and Joe looks like a giant!

How will this affect their dancing ability? Well, the good news is that they aren't dancing together! LOL!

But they are both now in the process of taking ballroom dance lessons for a GREAT cause and YOU could be there to see the event, or cast your votes online or by phone for either one of them, or the other competitors.

Personally, since Joe Leone beat me in the dance competition we were in a few years ago, I will have to vote for Joe to beat Lou, too!!!!

For all the info on this Dancing With Our Stars event, the cause that it benefits, the great night out that you can have if you attend that night, and how to cast your votes, CLICK HERE!

And P.S. I'm pretty sure that Lou Russo claims to be 5'2"....if you don't believe that, you'll have to take it up with him next time you see him!