Justin Bieber has gotten a lot of bad press recently: There were brothels, strippers, 'Gatsby'-esque parties with cops. But he's getting attention for a great reason right now. The 'Believe' singer is taking a hands on approach to raising money for Philippines disaster relief.

TMZ reports that Biebs is using his obsession with street art and graffiti -- a passion he shares with pal Chris Brown -- for good. Bieber and a pal named Milk Tyson tagged a wall with "Pray for Philippines" and a painting of praying hands. Bieber plans on auctioning off the spray cans used for the art, as well as an autographed photo of the wall on which it was created. He will then donate the funds to a typhoon relief group.

Nice, Biebs!

It's a refreshing use of his tagging fascination, which actually got him into some trouble on the South American leg of his Believe tour. Bieber tagged "Free Breezy," among other messages, in an area of Brazil where he thought it was legal ... but it wasn't, and now he may face criminal charges. Yikes!

We're so happy Bieber is using his passion for good and not for mischief. He's great at giving back!