It’s no secret that Kesha is pop’s biggest party animal. The glitter-gun toting wild child dished to V Magazine about all the dirt and sleaze that went on backstage on her ‘Get Sleazy’ tour. She swears it’s not glamorous, but it is … In Kesha’s own filthy way.

Kesha’s favorite part of touring is hanging out with her fans, though her pre-show ritual sounds pretty fun, too. “My band and I always give each other butt-fives before we go onstage,” Kesha said. “It’s a lot like a high-five but more fun because you use your a– instead of your hands.”

While she’s not a girl of many secrets, some of Kesha’s shows are shrouded in mystery — even to her. She said of a performance in Moscow, “I performed for someone at a private concert and wasn’t allowed to even know his name or the occasion.” That sounds sleazy, and thus appropriate.

Kesha reveals that touring with her team (she affectionately calls them “rowdy animal misfits”) is always a great time … As far as she can remember, that is. She admitted that the hardest part of touring is “remembering what country” she’s in (understandable given the amount of traveling she does in a short time). However, some of her amnesia is self-inflicted. Can you guess how? (Hint: She claims her tour motto is, “Hey, drink this.”)

“We were driving from one gig to another and one of the buses broke down in the middle of nowhere in Iowa,” the ‘Tik Tok’ singer said. “While we were stuck there waiting for the repair we got antsy, and so we found a biker bar nearby and partied with metal beards all night. Needless to say, everyone’s memory is pretty fuzzy but all I know is the damage report said something about motorcycles, duct tape, balloons, and a goat. We’re still piecing it all together but we’re all pretty sure it was an amazing time.”

Considering what her studio sessions are like, we can’t even begin to imagine what went down on tour. Here’s hoping her upcoming documentary helps jog her memory a bit!

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