In this age of texting and social media, are we becoming even less polite now that we don't actually have to have conversations face-to-face?

A new book called "Would It Kill You To Stop Doing That?" by Henry Alford takes a crack at better etiquette, both online and off. Here are some of his tips:

1. Don't return a phone call with a text.  Alford says "There's an implicit heirarchy of communications. If you go lower on the hierarchy, people will think there's a subtext."

2. Don't overuse "thx."  Alford says "Whenever I see that I wonder, what's wrong with the letters a-n-k? ''Thx' can be an insult, especially in response to a long and thoughtful letter."

3. By all means, use exclamation points! Alford says "E-mail is tricky tone-wise; there's such a dead-fish aspect to it. The exclamation point is our best friend."

4. Don't brag too much on Facebook. Alford says "Someone may be having trouble conceiving, for instance, so posting your sonogram as your profice picture isn't the best idea."

What is it that drives you crazy when it comes to ill-mannered people?

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