You go through your day trying to do the right thing, but experts warn you may be breaking etiquette rules every day.

According to a report at, simple things that happen all the time are bad etiquette. Are you doing any of them? Here are some examples.

Coughing into your right hand. Your right hand is considered your "social hand", so while coughing into your hand is considered proper etiquette, remember to use your left hand.

Sitting wrong. The experts say when you approach a table, you're supposed to enter your seat from the left hand and exit to the right to avoid collisions.

Salt should never be alone. When you pass the salt you should always include the pepper. Even though the person only asked for the salt, the person next to them may need the pepper. Gotta love etiquette!

Calling your handbag a purse. Etiquette experts say a purse is something that costs less than $100.

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