Ever have somebody cut you in line? What did you do? Did you say something or did you let it happen? My wife and I walked into a restaurant in Point Pleasant yesterday and were waiting to put our name in for a table and the front of the restaurant was pretty crowded. The hostess was trying to multi task, but it wasn't easy. Almost everyone on line waited patiently. Almost everyone.

All of a sudden, a woman walked right to the front of the line and tried to put her name in ahead of everyone. My first reaction was to give her the benefit of the doubt figuring that she just didn't realize all the people in front of her hadn't put their name in yet. Like I said, it was crowded and a little unorganized. Plus, she was clearly a senior citizen. Not everyone on line shared my view.

Someone on line chimed in and let the hostess know who got there first and second, etc.. I think everyone was relieved that someone did it, but I don't think I would have done it myself. I have seen people cut the line innocently, but I've also seen people who walk to the front of a line thinking they didn't have to wait like everyone else. I'm just not sure which this was.

So, I was curious about what you would have done. Should I have said something or just let it slide?

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