Last year when we were bracing for a hurricane, I remember thinking to myself, "What are the odds? We may not see this again for twenty years." Well, this extreme year of weather seems to want to insure that won't be true. Here comes Sandy.

We have been talking about it for a year now. First, some October snow last October, then one of the warmest, snow free winters we can remember, then a summer that seemed to have epic downpours every time we had a thunderstorm, and now Sandy.

I had never had to put on my flashers during a rainstorm before in my life, and this summer I had to do it three times. I still can't believe the pictures I saw out of Freehold after one summer storm, with downed trees plenty of property damage (pictured above). And I have prepared for a hurricane twice in 14 months.   

Of course, we're all glued to the radar, keeping an eye on Sandy and it certainly looks like we're going to be dealing with extreme weather again along the Jersey shore. Maybe we'll catch a break and this thing will go out to sea. As of now it doesn't look that way, but we can hope can't we?

To keep updated on the latest Sandy info, text Sandy to 89000.

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