Are people getting ruder? Dumber? Both?

Hand to God on Broadway
Andrew Burton, Getty Images

Last week at a showing of 'Hand to God' on Broadway, a guy got out of his seat, hopped on stage just before showtime, and attempted to charge his phone in one of the on-set outlets. (SPOILER ALERT: It's a set! The outlet is fake.)

Theater staff had to go up and retrieve the phone, and make an announcement to the audience that YOU CAN'T DO THAT. Luckily(?), the show was only delayed 5 minutes.

It seems though that these kinds of incidents are becoming more common. The last time I went to the movies, the person next to me was taking selfies --WITH THE FLASH-- in the dark theater.

I can't remember the last time a stranger held a door open for me when I was walking into a building...or thanked me when I held it open for them.

Is it just me, or have people gotten worse when it comes to bad behavior?

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