I was watching The Price is Right the other day and found myself getting increasingly annoyed by something the contestants did in the name of 'strategy.'

So what had me so irritated?

As you may know, the show begins with four potential contestants bidding on winning items. The person closest to the actual price without going over wins the prize and then gets to go on and play a game for the good stuff.

My issue is when after three of the four people bid, the fourth person will come in and bid just a dollar more than the current highest bid. (Or a dollar more than any bid to be honest...)

Fine, I suppose it's strategy, but it's NOT cool. Bid 50 bucks higher, 25 minimum. It happened three times on one episode, and each time that jerk got to go on and play the game. It's just not fair!

The thing that really upsets me, is that they know they are being jerks, and they don't care. They continue to try and screw the other person over in an attempt to get ahead.

I know this is an absolutely absurd thing to be bothered by, it just reminded me that it seems as though people are becoming more cutthroat and less compassionate.

The desire to be a 'good' person seems to vanishing...and the actions of the greedy seem to be rewarded more and more.

Bidding on The Price is Right
Kevin Winter, Getty Images

I blame Drew Carey for all of this.

Are people getting ruder? Share your thoughts in the comment section below!

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