It's definitely happened to finally fall asleep and **ring** **ring**. You wake up in a stupor trying to figure out what that sound is, squint at the clock, and groggily answer the phone.

"Hello?" "Oh...were you sleeping?" "IT'S 3 A.M.!!!! WHAT DO YOU THINK??"

When it comes to phones, do you have a time limit?

When I was a kid, 9 p.m. used to be the cut off. After that and Mama C would tell my friends they couldn't call that late. Eventually Mama C would tell me that I had to tell them they couldn't call after 10 p.m.

It's just as bad with the early morning texts and pictures from well-meaning friends and family: Merry Christmas! Happy Birthday! Happy Easter! Look at baby so-and-so at the park today!

I'd be a lot more receptive to those messages when it's not 7 A.M. ON A SATURDAY.

Now with everyone and their mother (literally) having a cell phone, there seems to be no time limit on when people will call or text. Case in point? This gem from last night:

Now, I know what you're thinking, I should just shut my phone off at night.

Well, my phone is my alarm clock, mostly as a back-up, but, for example, last night our power went out, so thank the lord I had my phone alarm to wake me up.

I've occasionally put my phone in Airplane Mode before bed, so that only the alarm works, but calls/texts/Facebook alerts won't come through, but then if I'm not needed in a true emergency, no one could reach me.

So is it just me? Do you think there should be some kind of universal courtesy time for phones?