Professional wild child Kesha is once more collaborating with classic rock royalty. Following a feature on Alice Cooper‘s ‘What Baby Wants,’ Kesha’s working with the Flaming Lips on her new record — and their studio sessions have certainly been … interesting.

Flaming Lips frontman, Wayne Coyne, has been keeping a potentially scandalous log via Twitter, photos and video of his time with the ‘Tik Tok’ songstress. What have they been up to? Here’s a hint: Glitter wasn’t the only substance present.

While at first glance of their photos and tweets would suggest a lot of partying (which there may well be), they really are hard at work on Kesha’s May 2012 release. Coyne posted a video of Kesha “singing about taking acid as the world ends,” and another of her singingWhoa – oh” ad nauseum without accompaniment.

It’s what they’ve been doing away from the microphones and guitars that has fans of both artists in a tizzy. Coyne tweeted a photo of white powdered lines, a razor and a rolled up dollar bill with the caption, “Yep… recording with Ke$$$$$$$$$ha!!!” The Cannibal Queen herself sprung onto Twitter to diffuse any potential scandal, writing, “Those are crushed up TUMS by the way. That wayne is snorting for his diarrhea.” That may be the one scenario in which we’d rather it be an illicit substance — we just got a really gross mental picture from that.

Based on Coyne’s other tweets, Kesha may well be fibbing about his gastrointestinal issues. In another video Coyne posted, K-Dollar Sign is giving someone a dollar sign tattoo in her house. Coyne ends his narration of the clip with, “… and she’s on a lot of drugs.” Girl, be careful! (At least she had the foresight to make her human canvas sign a note beforehand releasing her of any liability.)

When they weren’t inking collaborators, Kesha and Coyne were asking for new ones. Coyne tweeted former Black Flag frontman turned spoken word philosopher Henry Rollins to make a cameo on their song. “Hey @henryrollins I wanna see if you can do an authorative voice on our track we doin with @keshasuxx ???”

Kesha summed up their recording session thusly: “#haventslept #slumerparty [sic] #flaminglips #recording #funass—.” We certainly can’t wait to hear the finished product! Check out some of the insanity below.

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