Gas stations in Keyport and Manasquan received a delivery of jet fuel by mistake on Friday

Delta in Keyport that received a delivery of jet fuel by mistake
Delta in Keyport that received a delivery of jet fuel by mistake (News 12)

News 12 reports the delivery was made to the Delta station located at on Broad and 36th street around 4PM and pumped the wrong fuel until 7PM when the station was shut down by police.

Police Chief George Casaletto told the Asbury Park Press at least 7 customers were affected by the mistake.

A Lukoil station on Route 71 in Manasquan also received the delivery of jet fuel reports the Asbury Park Press

An employee at the Keyport station blamed the fuel distributor. Delta Petroleum, now known as Par Petroleum, has not posted any comment on their company website.

CORRECTION: Par Petroleum is not associated with the Delta Petroleum cited in this story and in fact has no retail locations according to Par CEO John Young.

The engines of drivers who filled up with the wrong fuel in Keyport seized up about 100 feet after driving off.

The website Jalopink, a website about automobiles and driving, says that putting jet fuel into a car is like putting diesel fuel into a car that runs on regular gas. It will not cause damage but the engine and fuel components will need to be drained and cleaned. Many people thought they could get around high gas prices by running their cars on jet fuel.


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