Kick Cancer Overboard is a non profit organization dedicated to raising money to give cancer patients something amazing to look forward to, like a gorgeous cruise, and the group will benefit from the Excel Travel Ocean Avenue Mile in Long Branch.

The event takes place this Saturday September 14th, and will feature 8 run heats. The first, the Excel Travel Ocean Avenue Mile Charity Challenge, kicks off at 8:55am. There are awards for men and women in each heat and prize money for the fastest runners. You can get all the details on the run by visiting the Ocean Avenue Mile website.

Kick Cancer Overboard is dedicated to celebrating life with cancer survivors and their supporters and giving them the chance to have a great trip to look forward to. In their first years, they've already sent many people on all expense paid cruises, and they want to be able to send many, many more. Kick Cancer Overboard is a 501(c)(3) non profit organization and you can get more info at their website or Facebook page.

Please head out to the Excel Travel Ocean Avenue Mile this Saturday in Long Branch and help a great cause!