UPDATE: So we previously told you that the weekly Kite Night events in Seaside Park will no longer be happening.

Our apologies -- this is INACCURATE.


We apologize for the misunderstanding but let us clear it up.

Cobra Kites has been the kite vendor involved with these legendary Kite Nights for nearly 18 years now but starting in 2019, they will no longer be involved.

Seaside Park does have plans to continue Kite Nights which will kick off July 3rd and last through August but they have not revealed all of the details just yet.

Take a look below at what Cobra Kites wrote on their Facebook Page when asked about the Kite Nights:

"Thanks so much for checking with us Carole. After nearly 18 yrs of presenting our 'Cobra Kites Weds Kite Nite', we will no longer be Organizing a scheduled Weekly Summer Kite Fly in Seaside Park. Time for a break. No doubt you will see us often on the beaches flying with friends, Just for fun! There are a few plans in the works, but too soon to post. Otherwise, its business as usual for us in the Cobra Kites office, on our web site and doing custom work. Hope you enjoyed the last 18 years of our Summer Weds Kite Nites by Cobra Kites in the past. Thanks for asking. Jeanne 732-270-2112 www.cobrakites.com."

Once again, we apologize for the mistake on our part and the second we know more information, we will let you know. Promise!

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