When something as scary as a wildfire happens, everyone is stunned for a bit. We start evaluating the damage and usually not long after we start counting our blessings. After doing some research to see how people are feeling after the Lakewood/Brick fires I heard one resounding message from the victims...THANK YOU to our local firefighter HEROS!

I'm sure you've heard by now that a large brush fire started in Lakewood, New Jersey on Sunday afternoon.  Even with firefighters working tirelessly thought the night, due to the dry and windy conditions the fire ended up scorching over 170 acres of land. In addition to that, at least 29 homes were damaged and two commercial buildings were almost destroyed. More importantly, one firefighter was sent to the hospital in critical condition.

This would have been MUCH worse if our local firefighters in Lakewood, Brick and surrounding areas did not run to the danger the way that they did.  I was on the phone earlier with Brick Mayor John Ducey and he said that some families had flames about 15 feet away from their homes at one point and because of the valiant efforts of our firefighters, most of the damage was reduced to burnt lawns, torched sheds and garages instead of homes with invaluable personal belongings or heaven forbid, people. The fire shut down a portion of the Garden State Parkway, and spread into Brick Township as well.  The fire started at 150 Airport Road just west of the toll plaza but how it started is still under investigation.

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I can't imagine watching as flames nip at your property and all of your belongings. Our brave and skilled firefighters contained the flames but ask us to be very careful due to our current dry and low humidity conditions. Of course it's been a windy two day period which does not help. The National Weather Service issued a Red Flag Warning and wind advisory that ended last night at 5pm but we are still being asked to be extra diligent. We can't say it enough...to our local firefighters WE APPRECIATE YOU AND WE THANK YOU!
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