An investigation is underway after an apartment fire brought 30 firefighters to the Alice V. Tomaso Towers Apartment Complex in the Old Village section of Middletown Township on Monday morning, according to the Middletown Township Fire Department.

A call came in on Monday morning around 8:33 am regarding a kitchen fire at their unit within the apartment complex sending Middletown Township Firefighters to the scene.

The Middletown Township Fire Department said that Middletown EMS arrived first on scene who is also an MTFD Lieutenant and was able to confirm the fire and subsequently called for backup.

(Photo Courtesy: Laurie Kegley/Middletown Township Fire Department)
(Photo Courtesy: Laurie Kegley/Middletown Township Fire Department)

As additional fire crews responded to the scene of this senior living facility, they were able to douse the flames, ensure everyone was safe and out, and thoroughly check the building to make sure every part of the fire was extinguished.

MTFD said that the building maintenance manager secured the apartment utilities and the fire itself was called under control by Deputy Chief John Waltz at 8:50 am.

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After cleanup concluded after the fire, the approximately 30 firefighters from five companies within the Middletown Township Fire Department -- Belford Engine, Community, Belford Independent, Middletown Fire Company No. 1, and Old Village -- dispersed from the scene along with Middletown Police, MTFD Air Unit, and the Fire Police and Safety Unit around 12:00 pm.

(Photo Courtesy: Laurie Begley/Middletown Township Fire Department)
(Photo Courtesy: Laurie Begley/Middletown Township Fire Department)

MTFD said that there were no firefighter injuries.

There were no injuries of any kind reported from the Monday morning fire at the apartments in Middletown.

It's unclear the total damage stemming from the kitchen fire at this point.

The Middletown Township Fire Marshal’s and Fire Marshal Edward Skelly continue the investigation into the fire.

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