Let me start by saying that I have been a "real Christmas tree guy" since the beginning, and even this won't change my tradition. But, still, gross!

The spotted lanternfly is not dangerous to your health, but they are extremely destructive to wherever they decide to call home. Recently, this "home" has been in people's living rooms via real Christmas trees.

These bugs have been known to nest in Christmas trees and lay as many as 50 eggs. They also leave behind a not so "holly jolly" mess. Here's one example.

While these bugs have been found mainly to our north, west, and south. Christmas trees can be brought in from anywhere.

What do you do if you find a spotted lanternfly? Kill it. NJ 101.5 found a checklist of what to do if you come across a nest with eggs.


Now I'm not trying to get all "bah humbug" on you and I realize it's a tree! Virtually anything could be living in there. However, these bugs have been more prevalent lately, and this is how they fast track themselves into your house.

I'll still enjoy the smell of a fresh Christmas tree, so I'll be taking my chances!

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