So you slacked off and have no idea what to wear to tonight’s Totally Awesome ‘80s Party? Don’t stress, a few easy-to-find items and you’ll be good to go! (The best costume will win $1,000 in the costume contest!)

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    Madonna Fan

    You’ll need black capri leggings, black heels, a white tutu/tulle slip (Hot Topic), a white tank top or bustier, black headband with bow, fishnet gloves, black sunglasses, and long beaded black necklace (all available at Target!).

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    Basic ‘80s girl

    Luckily everything ‘80s is back in fashion. Head to any Forever 21, Target, or Kohl’s and you’ll find TONS of ‘80s styles for CHEAP! Pick up some bright bangles and earrings, find an off-the-shoulder graphic tee to pair with a tank top and some skinny jeans.

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    This one couldn’t be easier…buy an oversized cheap gray crewneck sweatshirt (Walmart or Target) and cut the neck so that it will sit off-the-shoulder. Pair it with legwarmers (look in the hosiery section) and some pumps. If you’re shy about your legs, add some colored leggings. For a little extra style (and to show off your figure a bit) belt it at the waist.

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    Channel your inner rock star (and wild child) for this one. Black mini skirt, black tank top, mesh top (Hot Topic), bright bracelets and earrings, metal and neon belts around the waist, fishnet tights, any color pumps or knee high boots, and a headband.

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    Rock God

    Guys might have a slightly tougher time doing this last minute, but this look is perfect to roll up with the Groupie above. For this you’ll need to cut the sleeves off a black t-shirt (preferably a slightly fitted one with a logo/band/saying on the front, printed pants (or super tight jeans/leather pants), studded bracelets, some kind of pendant necklace, and black boots or shoes. (All at Hot Topic!)

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    Miami Vice

    Do the Don Johnson. A bright button down (show off that chest hair!), a brighter contrasting sport jacket and pants (rolled to the elbow, of course), some black sunglasses (Target) and of course a charming smile.