Just a warning before you read further, some of these last minute Halloween costume ideas are really corny…or should I say candy corny…sorry, that was just as bad as some of these ideas. Are you ready?

  1. Hold a baseball with slices of rye bread for the “Catcher in the Rye” costume.
  2. Attach green leaves on a green t-shirt and wear headphones for the “Beat Around the Bushes” Costume.
  3. Wear a t-shirt with a gold medal and carry a loaf of bread for the “Bread Winner” Costume.
  4. Attach a small bag of potato chips to the shoulder of your t-shirt to create the “Chip On Your Shoulder” costume. I suppose chocolate chip cookies would work too.
  5. Attach sponges to your t-shirt for the “Self-Absorbed” costume.
  6. An old white sheet, pen, and notebook are all you need for the “Ghostwriter” costume.
  7. Attach guitar picks to your pants for the “Pick Pocket” costume.
  8. Hold a picture frame in front of your face for the “Self Portrait” costume.

My personal favorite is wrapping yourself in aluminum foil and calling yourself a “Leftover.” For more really bad last minute Halloween costume ideas, CLICK HERE.

No matter what you decide as your Halloween costume idea, most important is to have fun and be safe. Feel free to comment below with your own last minute Halloween costume ideas.

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