So, I'm pretty sure I'm getting a cold. I woke up and my throat Seeing as what I do for a living relies on me being able to talk, sore throats are NOT an option.

So here's my radio-approved remedy for sore throats and general sickness.

It's super easy. Gummy bears in black tea. I'll walk you through it:

Easy enough. I eat the red and clear ones (because they taste the best) the orange and yellow ones go for a swim, and the green ones go to whoever comes in and asks if they can have a gummy bear.

It's yummy, it makes you feel better, it's cheap, and you have an excuse to eat gummy bears.

(As for why it works, black tea reduces inflammation, the gelatin in the bears coats your throat. But I'm not a doctor, so just calm down and go with it.)

I'll also be loading up on Vitamin-D enriched OJ, some chicken soup, and zinc tabs. Bring it on, Cold. I dare you.

Have any tried-and-true cold remedies? Share them below!

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