So I've been battling a cold for a few days now, and it's led me to an amazing new diet plan.

With Memorial Day Weekend rapidly approaching, I thought I should share it...

No, it's not what's in the picture. I just thought that looked good. (Sorry.)

The basic premise of this diet plan is pretty easy.

You can eat unlimited quantities of the following foods:

  • orange juice
  • chicken soup
  • Nutella
  • gummy bears
  • tea
  • ice cream
  • eggs
  • Cheerios
  • the occasional banana

Activities should be limited to napping, TV watching, cuddling, or general resting...but should take up most of the day.

DayQuil (or equivalent) should be popped every 4 hours, except before bed, when it's a strict two tablespoons of RED NyQuil.

Hot showers are recommended once a day, but should not interrupt allowed activities.

Now, something tells me this diet plan will not give me the supermodel body I desire, but so far, it's the best diet I've ever been on. And besides, everyone knows calories don't count when you're sick.

Have any suggestions for Laurie's plan? Add them below!