Well, I almost made it through the whole summer without a single bite.


Thanks to 5 MINUTES outside last night, I've counted 7 mosquito bites on my arms and legs.

Some of them are pretty small, but I have two big honkin' ones, one on my forearm, and one on the back of my calf, that are driving me insane.

From the time I was little, I remember Mama C always said to use rubbing alcohol on the bites. I still go for that first, and it seems the sooner you use the alcohol after getting bit, the better.

I guess my next step will be cortisone cream if they don't stop itching...but are there any other remedies?

And what about keeping them away in the first place?

I read somewhere that if you spray Listerine on yourself, the bugs will stay away (but who wants to smell so minty?)

What do you do to keep bugs away and to treat itchy bites? Please share below! (I'm begging you...)

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