Other than seeing 5G commercials from major mobile service providers, you probably haven’t thought much about it.

Most of us have lived through the EDGE, 3G, 4G, LTE transitions without really being all that curious.  (I'm pretty sure I'm missing one)

Oh, so things load faster, cool.  I can upload that video on social media easier.  Download and stream without missing a beat.  Great.

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What is 5G and what could it mean for you.

This is the next generation of the mobile network and service that, in some reports, can provide speeds comparable to current in-home internet connection and WIFI speed.  Think about that, on your phone, you could get data just as fast as your home internet.

Even a major carrier like Verizon is offering 5G as an option for your home.  It truly is a game-changer.  There could even be some real-life, and life-changing applications for this type of communication

Suddenly, we have been hit with headlines about 5G service and major airlines.

What is the debate between 5G and airlines?

On Wednesday, Verizon and AT&T were ready to do a large-scale launch of this service, but this wouldn’t be a great idea around major airports.  Even saying “this wouldn’t be a great idea” downplays the concern.

Major airline carriers voiced major concern about the new 5G signals near local airports and how it could interfere with very important equipment in some modern-day aircraft.

The equipment in question is an instrument called a radio altimeter.  It receives a signal, from the ground, that allows pilots to know how close the aircraft is to the ground.  Pretty important.  This gives pilots a more accurate understanding of where their aircraft is from the ground.  This is also very useful when the pilot is in control, flying in conditions where you cannot see anything and only relying on your equipment.

How did we get here?  The new 5G network uses a frequency a little too close to the one this instrument runs on.

Picture this, remember the old school radios with a dial?  If you were listening to one of our radio stations on 92.3, 105.7, or even 94.3, if you were in an area where either of those stations’ signals was weak, there’s a good chance that a stronger signal from 92.5 or 92.1 could “bleed in” to 92.3.

Now that you have some nerdy background on all of this.  How is Ocean County involved?

Apparently, it has roots in a small beach town, Lavallette.

Daniel Nee of Shorebeat reported that a lot of this debate began in Lavallette when ongoing negotiations were being done for the Verizon 5G antenna installment throughout the area and that a note of concern from the FAA was uncovered by the Borough Attorney, Philip G George.  But why?  Well, George told Shorebeat after the discovery, how this could affect Lavallette.  If you haven’t noticed, there’s not a major airport near the area:

“We have an emergency heliport on the bay and we have the approach to Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst coming right over us”

Mayor Walter LaCicero also commented:

“We discovered this on a back page, covered with dust, and it became a national issue”

The odd part was there were all these conspiracy theories about 5G.  Not one had anything to do with this type of risk to airlines.

A big national debate that made the FCC and FAA take a second look at this technology and the safety of 5G and air travel may have had a birthplace right here at this little Jersey Shore town.

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