Summer is a lot closer than you think and I have proof.

If you are a local who lives here year round, you will know that the traffic lights out on the island near Lavallette, Seaside and Ortley Beach are just flashing during the winter months.

There aren't enough cars on the road to warrant working traffic lights at all interactions.

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But over the weekend.....THE TRAFFIC LIGHTS WERE TURNED BACK ON! I have never been so happy to see a green traffic light in my life.

I actually noticed the switch while walking to the beach Saturday afternoon and enjoy a mini "happy dance" moment.

I believe the lights get turned on April 15th and will return to the yellow blinking lights on October 15th.

Moral of this story? Summer is much closer than you think.

This means that:

The warm coming.

The coming.

The beach and boat days....are coming.

Which is good because I am someone who loves Summer. But there is also a lot of other stuff that comes with it:

Paid parking is going to be enforced.

There will be a wait for every solid restaurant in town.

There will probably be a cover at every bar/club in town.


I have been trying to soak up every peaceful moment I can these days because the times of Carolina and myself having a section of the beach to ourselves is about to end.

So soak up the silence....because it will soon be silent no longer.

But the traffic lights being turned on is a big momentous occasion every let's bask in it for a moment.

What else do you see start to change at the Jersey Shore that signifies Summer is coming??

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