Did you have flutophone lessons when you were in elementary school? Have your kids had lessons yet?

My 8 year old son, Benjamin, who is in third grade, kicked off last September with Flutophone lessons in school. I know a lot of third graders in our area have the same school program either throughout the school year or beginning in January halfway through the school year.

Benji likes it so much that he has already taught himself a second book of flutophone songs and has moved on to taking up the saxophone.

In fact he is so confident on the flutophone that he is now offering second graders lessons so that they can get a head-start and learn how to read music and play the instrument before they get to third grade.

In the meantime, Lou suggested that WE should get flutophone lessons from Benji during our morning show.

So off I go today to buy the two of us some flutophones (aka recorders). Oh, this should be interesting.

Who says you can't learn from your kids?!

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