The legendary Circus Drive-in restaurant in Wall may be closed for good.

Circus Drive-In
The legendary Circus Drive-In in Wall. (Google Maps Street View)

Samantha, who asked that we not use her last name, is an assistant manager at the Rt. 35 eatery. She posted on Facebook that the landmark property is up for sale.

She writes, "If you know someone willing to buy the business please direct them to a circus member ... Otherwise, the circus will not be opening for another season & after 62 years the Circus Drive-In will be history."

I'm pretty sure every Jersey Shore kid has at some point visited that clown for some French fries and a burger on a hot summer day. (They also have legit lobster rolls AND pulled pork!)

It would be a real shame for this place to close down!

We are attempting to reach out to the restaurant's owners for more information, and will update the story if it becomes available!

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