I was reading cosmopolitan.com. Please don't ask me why. Anyway, I found an article that "explains" men's body language, including the difference between guys smiling with their mouth opened or closed. Women always seem to be looking for some complex explanation for men and our actions. I think we're much simpler than that. Cosmo says girls shouldn't wonder which girl in the room  the man is attracted to, because he'll turn his chest toward the "most meaningful thing in the room to him", Cosmo thinks that'll be a woman. I hate to tell you girls, it's probably the TV. 

Cosmo says if he tilts his head slightly to the side he's interested in you, oooooooor, I'm thinking, maybe he's looking at the girl or TV behind you. Girls, men aren't that complicated. We usually can't even remember what night is garbage night, so what makes you think we know which way to point our chest?