How many times have you seen the dreaded "Do Not Go Past This Area with Alcohol?"  That could soon be a thing of the past.  At least in some areas.

There is something about walking around your favorite downtown with an adult beverage in hand.  Especially, a beach town.

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This crazy radio business has brought me around from city to city.  One of my last stops, before moving back home, was Texas.  Yes, Texas is the wild west.  There are different rules in that state.  Things do feel more relaxed.  Including open container laws.

It was nice to go to a popular, high-traffic, outdoor shopping center, grab a drink and walk around with it.  Almost like you would see in Vegas.

Even the popular downtown locations had little bar stops, grab a drink, and just go.  You could never find that here in New Jersey.  The only time you'll see people with a drink in hand is behind a fence or rope at a bar.

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Can you picture it now?  Going from store to store in Point Pleasant, with a bottle of your favorite beer or a glass of wine?  I can, and maybe soon, that could be a reality.

Open Container Law in New Jersey

Today, Governor Murphy signed a law that will allow can make everything I stated above a reality.

According to a report from

"Gov. Phil Murphy signed into law a bill (S-2921 and A-5554) that allows municipalities to designate outdoor areas where people can drink alcoholic beverages. After sailing through both houses, it reached Murphy’s desk on Tuesday."

That's absolutely huge.

Depending on the area, some of your favorite beach spots could loosen up these laws to attract more people.

Designated areas in downtown locations, like Point Pleasent, Belmar, or Toms River, could open the door for different experiences or activities during the summer months without much red tape.

Cheers to a very interesting and potentially fun 2022 summer at the Jersey Shore.


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