If we can hit the pause button on complaining about traffic, parking and crowds for just a minute, we can really appreciate some of the great things about a Jersey Shore summer.

I think that sometimes we get so caught up in the pressures of the day and the stresses that go along with living at the Jersey Shore, that we forget some of the pure joys of a summer at the Jersey Shore, so here are a few...

Early morning at the beach. It's just you, and the sea gulls, the waves and the sunrise. It's amazing how you can find those peaceful moments even in a place as busy as the Jersey Shore.

Built in memories. It is literally impossible to go to our beaches and boardwalks without coming back with a few great stories that turn into instant memories.

Summer meal overlooking the water. This is the stuff they show in movies. Whether it's fresh seafood, or even just a couple of drinks, looking out onto one of our beautiful bodies of water while doing it is close to perfection.

I know it's tough to think of these things when it's taking you 35 minutes to make a 5 minute trip, or when no one will let you out of your own driveway, or when there's a 90 minute wait at your favorite restaurant, but one thing is true. We're the lucky one's because we get to live here.

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